Passages & toursLamsenjoch alpine hut


PassagesLamsenjoch alpine hut

  • Falkenhütte via Binsalm hut, Engalm hut and theHohljoch,
    easy, walking time 4½ hours

  • Plumsjoch hut via Binsalm hut, Engalm hut and Hagelhütten huts
    easy, walking time: 4 hours

  • Hallerangerhaus viathe Lamsscharte, Katzenleiter and Überschalljoch
    difficult, walking time: 10 hours

Summit climbs

Summit climbsLamsenjoch alpine hut

  • Lamsenspitze (2508m)
    along the regular path (sign-posted and secured, only for experienced mountaineers)
    walking time: 2 hours

  • Hochnissl (2547m)
    via the Brudertunnel, Rotwandlspitze and Steinkarlspitze (only for experienced mountaineers)
    walking time 3 hours

  • Sonnjoch (2457m)
    via Hahnkampl and the south-western slope (medium difficulty)
    walking time: 3½ hours

  • Schafjöchl (2157m) and Hahnkampl (2080m)
    easy summit climb, walking time: 45 minutes each

Mountain biking

Mountain bikingLamsenjoch alpine hut

Königstour (King's Tour)
Duration: 6 hours
Altitude gain: 2150m

Tour description
: Stans - Fiecht - Bärenrast - Stallenalm - Lamsenjochhütte - Binsalm - Engalm – Plumsjoch - Gernalm - Pletzachalm - Pertisau - Maurach - Jenbach - Stans

This mountain bike route is not officially authorized. The use of this trail by mountain bikers is at their own risk. The trail owner, the trail maintainer and the operator of this website do not assume any responsibility for any damages or accidents along this bike route. It is only a tour recommendation. After thunderstorms some sections of the trail might be inaccessible, stones and trees might fall on the trail. Some sections of the trail lead through steep terrain, where there is danger of accidental falls.