AccomodationLamsenjoch alpine hut


AmenitiesLamsenjoch alpine hut

  • In 2004 the Lamsenjoch alpine hut was awarded with the environmental
    quality seal of the Alpine Association for its exemplary eco-friendly management.
  • 31 dormitories (2-4 persons)
  • 96 mountaineering camps
  • Washing rooms / WC
  • Drying room
  • Prices on request

Opening hours

Opening hoursLamsenjoch alpine hut

Open every day from 19th of May 2019 till October 2019


BookingsLamsenjoch alpine hut

Advance bookings for 10+ persons

  • down-payment required (€10 per person)
  • In case of cancellations or not arriving the down payment will be credited towards your cancellation fee!

Getting thereLamsenjoch alpine hut

Here you find the Lamsenjochhütte.
We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Passages &tours

Here you find information on the passages, summit and mountain bike tours in the area of the Lamsenjochhütte.

General informationLamsenjoch alpine hut

Here you find all information on bookings & cancellation regulations.